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Merchandising Tips

  • 7 Essentials To A Sales Generating Merchandising Vignette

    Posted June 27, 2018 By in Merchandising Tips With | Comments Off on 7 Essentials To A Sales Generating Merchandising Vignette

    Building dynamic merchandise displays involves more than creating a vignette that looks pretty.  Impactful merchandising vignettes will enhance the appeal of your products and brand, while attracting customers and generating sales.

    Use these 7 merchandising strategies to achieve more impactful and memorable visual merchandising.


    Tell  A Story

    The way you group products on display can attract customer attention and spark their imagination with ideas on how they can be used. Start by telling a story–grouping items based on function, color or season.  The goal is to tie all the elements together so you’re sending a clear and inspiring product message to your customers.

    Merchandising tip:  Use the rule of three when creating displays. The brain is triggered by imbalance and odd numbers will catch the eye quicker than a symmetrical arrangement.

    Lead Them And They Will Shop

    Navigating your store should be easy and enjoyable. Lead customers around a winding path towards specific eye-catching displays in each area. Angle fixtures to break up long walls and avoid creating aisles that cause customers to rush through your store.

    Merchandising tip:  Open back etageres or tiered shelving displays placed back-to-back make it easy for customers to access products from all sides.  This type of set-up is also great for displaying related products like tabletop items on one side and table linens on the other.

    Feature A Mix of Attainable Goods

    Each vignette should offer a variety of price points. Customers may get discouraged if they only look at a handful of items that happen to all be high-end. Try to sprinkle your highest priced merchandise amongst a larger grouping of low to average priced items.

    Attract With Color

    Color plays a major role in luring customers into your store and is a necessary element in store windows to capture the attention of people passing by. It also has the power to evoke strong emotions and influence the way your product is perceived.  Cool colors create a calming affect and are good to use as part of furniture and decorative accessory vignette.  Hot colors like red and orange create a sense of excitement and energy and are a great way to highlight a tabletop or entertaining vignette.

    Merchandising tip:  Using a subtle backdrop can help keep your customer’s attention on the products you’re looking to sell.  Many retailers opt for solid-colored backgrounds (particularly solid white or black) so products really standout within a vignette.

    Establish a Hierarchy

    Visual displays will have no impact when all the items are presented at a uniform height. Vary the height and placement of items to create visual contrast and boost engagement with your products.  And consider accessibility from a shopper’s perspective. Core items should be placed at eye level to grab attention and items displayed up high should also be merchandised down low so customers don’t have to ask for help.

    Merchandising tip:  Try angling your displays at 90 degrees rather than laying them flat horizontally. This makes it easier for the customer to interact with the product.

    Make Vignettes Shoppable

    Find a happy medium of inventory levels so displays don’t appear too sparse or too cluttered. Empty displays are just as much a turn-off as too much product on a shelf or fixture. The goal is to make sure products are visible, accessible and easily stoppable.

    Merchandising tip:  The signage you incorporate into your merchandising vignettes should be one of three things:  1) directional, 2) informational, or 3) promotional. Effective signage will guide your customer through the store and provide them with the information they need to make a purchase decision.

    Be Creative

    Adding props can turn a simple vignette into an ‘in-store’ window display. Invest in faux flowers, greenery and other decorative elements that can be used to enhance the product vignettes and merchandise stories you create throughout the store.

    Merchandising tip:  Try including an object in your display that will make customers stop and look twice. Example:  A fun pillow as part of a traditional furniture grouping or a decorative jars filled with brightly colored candies.



    Strong visual merchandising has a huge impact on customer experience in your store. Creating vignettes that draw attention, evoke emotion, inspire ideas and entice shoppers will help boost your business and turn every browser into a customer.


    Until next time…

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