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Flaire Candles

  • Flaire by Creative Co-Op: A Look At The New 2018 Candle & Home Care Collection

    Posted February 28, 2018 By in Flaire Candles With | Comments Off on Flaire by Creative Co-Op: A Look At The New 2018 Candle & Home Care Collection

    Every season new Flaire products are introduced and added to the already popular line of candles, candle accessories and home care products.  In January, along with new candle styles there were new fragrances and a new display fixture introduced at the Atlanta Market .  Today we’re highlighting what’s new as well as sharing a few merchandising and sales tips to help you grow your Flaire Candle & Home Care business.

    FLAIRE EVERDAY CANDLES:  Three new scents were introduced in the everyday candle collection.  With the introduction of the new fragrances-Campfire Nights, Orchid & Amber and Waterside, the best-selling Boxed Candle Collection becomes an even stronger year-round candle style.

    Merchandising Tip: Create a lifestyle connection with your candle fragrances by merchandising scents like Coffee House, Rosemary Mint, Herb Garden and Cucumber Lemon  alongside kitchen and household items. 

    Marketing Tip:   Generate repeat business by reminding customers where they purchased their Flaire candles from.  Print round stickers with your store name and the name of the fragrance on it and  place the sticker on the bottom of the glass jar.  Once the candle has burned down, customers can look on the bottom and know which candle fragrance they liked and where they bought it from. 

    UNSCENTED CANDLE COLLECTION:  Several seasons ago, Creative Co-Op recognized the need for a high-quality unscented candle collection and introduced the Pantry Collection. New items were added to the unscented candle assortment and quickly became customer favorites during the spring markets.  The new 4″ taper candle and the packaged set of 20 tealights rounds out the collection and makes it easy for your customers to shop for all their unscented candle needs with the Flarie collection.

    Marketing Tip:  Unscented candles are ideal for entertaining because there is no candle scent to interfere with the smell of food on the table.  This tip would be great to communicated on signage in your store.

    Sales Tip:  To maximize your tealight and taper candle sales,  cross-merchandise them next to the decorative candleholders that you sell as well as with your full offering of Flaire unscented candle products.

    MATCH COLLECTION:  After a very successful launch of the match collection, Flaire introduced 17 new everyday styles and 9 new seasonal styles for 2018.  The tube matches were a top selling item during the Atlanta market because of their uniqueness and pricepoint.

    Marketing Tip:   Tube matches make an ideal giveaway for open house events because they inexpensive and an item that everyone can use.

    Merchandising Tip:   Matches are an impulse item that many customers will pick-up as an add-on sale.  Encourage your sales staff to suggest matches with every candle purchase and merchandise bowls of matches next to the candle displays as a subtle suggestive sell.

    SEASONAL FRAGRANCES:  Bayberry is the new fragrance which was introduced in the seasonal collection. And along with Frasier Fur, Pumpkin Pie and Orange Clove, all of the seasonal fragrances are now available in every Flaire scented product.

    SEASONAL CANDLE COLLECTION: Last year, the bagged candles were a top-seller so we’re excited to see several new groupings available for 2018.   The everyday collection along with the seasonal styles have updated sayings, designs and colors.   And to give you even more gift giving options, two new decorative holders were added-Glass Jar Candle in Wool Sleeve and Glass Jar Candle in Wood House.

    FLAIRE CANDLES & HOME CARE COLLECTION:  And one of the most exciting changes in Flaire for 2018 is that every fragrance is now available in every style which makes it even easier for you to build a cohesive candle and home care product assortment.

    CANDLE DISPLAY:  To round out the Flaire product assortment is a new Wood Showcase Display fixture. The new fixture makes it easy to merchandise a full candle collection plus it holds backstock in the drawers below the shelves.  And because it’s on casters, you can easily move the fixture around your store as your merchandising vignettes change.

    Sales Tip:  Invest in and burn tester candles in your store.  The best way to sell a customer on a candle is to let them experience the scent first hand.  Pick a scent each week to burn and highlight in your store.

    Sales Tip:  A good way to build a candle business is to teach your customers the correct way to burn candles.  When customers have a good experience with the way a candle burns and can really enjoy the scent they’ll be repeat customers.  We’ve created a Candle Burning Tips Flyer that can be displayed in your store or handed out to customers with each candle purchase.


    If you need help building a Flaire product assortment for your store, contact JPM Sales or your local sales rep and we can help you create the right product mix and presentation for your store.

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