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Home Decor, Gift & Jewelry

  • We often hear the comment “I could fill my store with just your products” and it is true!  With everything from furniture, mirrors and wall art to gift, tabletop and inspirational items, Creative Co-Op has been a comprehensive resource for many different types of retailers for 10 years now. In this trend-driven category, Creative Co-Op offers an ever-changing assortment of fresh new products that customers won’t find anywhere else. In a very crowded category, where there is almost too much to choose from, JPM Sales makes it easy.
    With Embellish, the jewelry line by Creative Co-Op, you get vintage-inspired looks with updated affordability. Each of the designers we work with has their own unique look and style, as you’ll see when you browse our catalog. Each of our handmade pieces has its own charm and because it is from Creative Co-Op, you know it will always be on trend.

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