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Merchandising Tips

  • How Store Signage Can Help You Sell Product & Boost Your Business

    Posted March 22, 2018 By in Merchandising Tips With | Comments Off on How Store Signage Can Help You Sell Product & Boost Your Business

    Retail Store Signage is any kind of visual store graphics that displays information to your customers about your brand, your business and your products. And the primary purpose of store signage is to drive customers into the store and get them to buy.  According to one retail study, here’s how store signage can impact business:

    1. Stores have three seconds to attract a customer’s attention and store signage is an easy and effective way to communicate with customers and reflect your brand.
    2. Seventy-six (76%) percent of consumers have chosen to enter a store they had never before visited based purely on its sign.
    3. Sixty-eight (68%) percent of customers admit to having made purchases of products or services after a sign caught their eye.
    4. It’s estimated that around half of all in-store purchases are made spontaneously, and many of these are based on the information available to shoppers at the time of purchase via signage.
    5. It’s been proven that an effective point-of-purchase sign can influence up to 85% of purchases in a store.
    6. Customers appreciate marketing messages that inform them and speak to their needs.
    7. Store signage, starting with an exterior sign is the first thing a customer sees when they approach a store.  And it’s the interior signage that helps create the first impression that customers have of a business.  Because of this, store signage becomes one of the most important sales tools that you have.


    Advertise Your Brand and Business:  Ensure your signs have a unique look and are used throughout all media, in stores, online and in advertising. Use consistent colors, font choices and logo treatments.  A consistent visual story will reinforce your brand and convey stability to your customers.

    • An attractive sign is memorable and enticing. It makes the initial promise of what your store might offer, and it lays down the framework for what a customer might expect from doing business with your company.
    • Signs that tell a story will connect with customers on an emotional level and can give life to key products and elevate their perceived value.

    Promote Your Products: In-store advertising, including signs, act to introduce products, promote sales and educate customers about the goods or services offered in the store.

    1. Signs can help guide customers through the store, provide additional information about key products or draw attention to special promotions.
    2. If you find that customers are moving through the store quickly, signage can be used to slow them down, make them stop and make them think about the products they are seeing.  When a customer stops to look at a display, you have a better chance of making a sale.
    3. In-store advertising can trigger the memory of shoppers–when they see a sign for a product, they may remember that they needed it or had intended to purchase it for specific occasion.

    Create A Lasting Impression:  Clear, compelling messaging is what sets apart great signage from mediocre. Every sign message should have a  specific goal and when you convey distinct messages in a way that is clear, informative and on- brand, your business is going to be more competitive.

    1. Store signage should be a physical representation of your brand that speaks to your target customer and attracts potential customers.
    2. Dynamic external signage will help people differentiate your store from other similar shops within the vicinity and give them a reason to come back to you time and again.
    3. By repeating key messages and stylistic components found in the business’s main sign, in-store signage helps to provide cohesion to your marketing message, cement your brand’s image and build your brand in the customer’s mind.

    Creative Co-Op makes it easy to have unique in-store signage by offering a great range of sign options.  Here are a few of our favorites…

    • Metal Framed Open/Closed 2-sided  Sign–#DA4403–a great sign to use at the entrance to the store or in the front display window.
    • Chalkboard with Wood Holder–#DA2610–the perfect tabletop sign for clothing, fashion accessories, housewares and jewelry.
    • Metal 2-sided Chalkboard On Stand–#DA3660–a great tabletop sign that can communicate different messages on each side.  The height will allow it to stand out within a tabletop vignette.
    • Metal 2-sided Chalkboard w/ Stand–#DA5076–this taller 2-sided sign can be used next to a table display or on top of a fixture to grab customers attention.

    • Wood Framed Chalkboard w/Jute Rope–#DA6704–the wall sign can be used next to a furniture piece or hung at the front of a table display to communicate product features or a sale message.
    • Wood 2-sided Chalkboard–#DE1822–another great sign to use at the entrance of a store or outside the front door with a protective cover.
    • Metal Chalkboard on Stand w/Arrow–#DA3635–a fun tabletop sign that can be used to direct customers to a seasonal display, sale area or key merchandising statement.
    • Metal Clip On Stand–#DA2900–these tabletop sign holders can be used to hold product photos and price signs.


    Yes, signage is a key component to boosting your business but you must find the right balance of signage for your store.  While the presence of great signage is clearly important to customers, too many signs can dilute your message.  Too much, and your store looks cluttered and overwhelming – customers won’t know where to look.

    Until next time…

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