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  • How To Build A Customer Profile & Define Your Customer

    Posted June 1, 2016 By in Business Tips With | Comments Off on How To Build A Customer Profile & Define Your Customer

    Define Your Target Customer.001

    One of the most important parts of any retail business is understanding who your customer is.  Having a clear picture of who it is that shops with you on a consistent basis will help you refine your product offering, maximize your marketing efforts and build upon what makes your brand different from your competition.

    Follow these 4 simple steps to learn more about your existing customers, in order to find more customers like them.


    STEP 1: Analyze Your Customers

    Outline who your current customers are, and why they buy from you. Are there common characteristics and interests amongst this group that you can link back to the products and services you offer?  Look at standard demographic elements like age, gender and family status along with trying to understand the personal interests, lifestyles and personalities of  your customers.

    As you take a look at your own customer base, also think about your local competition and who they are attracting.  Your competition might be targeting and attracting the same customer as you OR through this analysis you might identify a niche market that is being overlooked.


    STEP 2:  Review Your Product Offering

    What products do you offer and what features and benefits do they provide to your customer base?  When you boil it down, ask yourself if the products that your store sells fulfills the needs of your customers.  Understanding the link between your customers’ personal interests and lifestyles, and what you sell (product and price) will help you build upon the success of your business with a strong product offering and meaningful marketing messages. It can often streamline your buying process by making it easier to choose products for a specific customer type.


    STEP 3:  Ask For Feedback

    To have the most accurate customer profile possible, survey your audience from time to time in order to get their feedback on your product offering, services and even their perception of your company.  Include surveys or post questions via social media, your store blog or email blasts as a way to engage your customers and solicit information from them.  If you find it difficult to get your customers to take part, incentivize and encourage them to participate with a coupon or promo code for a discount.  The knowledge you gain will be invaluable.



    STEP 4:  Create Your Ideal Customer

    We’ve known several successful speciality stores who have taken the time to define their ideal customer by creating a visual profile of who she/he is.  The profiles have included a physical description of their customer, where she/he lives, what their interests are, and in some cases they have even given their ideal customer a name.   Creating a visual image can allow you to more effectively market your products and services to the customers you currently have and to new customers that you want to target.


    Creating an image of your ideal customer will help you maximize your resources, focus your marketing efforts and enable you to choose products more efficiently. It is one more step in taking your business to the next level.

    Until next time…

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