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Merchandising Tips

  • Merchandising 101: Merchandising Around The Cash Wrap Area {Tips & Ideas}

    Posted August 29, 2018 By in Merchandising Tips With | Comments Off on Merchandising 101: Merchandising Around The Cash Wrap Area {Tips & Ideas}

    I’m sure you’ve been in one of those big box stores where the aisle leading to the cash register is stocked with a variety of items to entice you to make a last minute purchase.  And like us, you’ve probably picked up an item or two on impulse.  Well, the idea of merchandising the cash wrap is a successful business strategy that many retailers don’t take advantage of.

    Retail Analysts have reported that over 80% of retailers do not use their cash wrap retail space to their advantage. And because of that they are losing the possibility of sales because they don’t merchandise product where their customers “check out”.

    The goal of merchandising items near the cash wrap is to encourage customers to buy something that weren’t planning to.  It’s a clever way of generating add-on sales and increasing the average ticket price for a transaction.

    While not every retail store has the ability to merchandising around their check-out area, those that do can use these tips to help boost your business.


    1. Merchandise a variety of products that will be tempting for your customers to buy last minute and on impulse. Examples include jewelry, hand lotion, greeting cards and gift tags, accessories and food items.

    2. Make sure price points of products merchandised on or near your cash wrap display are inexpensive. Cash wrap items with price-points under $10 tend to sell best.  This will give your customer the quick thought of “yes I’ll get this” versus “too expensive – I don’t need it”.   We all like a little extra something, so suggesting these products to your customer as they are standing in front of you about to check out is always a good idea.

    3. Don’t clutter your space so much that customers aren’t comfortable when they are preparing for check out. It’s no fun to have to sign a receipt with the paper half off the counter because there is no room. Keep the area where customers transact their business open and clear.

    4.  Change the products displayed at the cash wrap on a regular basis.  Just like with the products on your sales floor, customers want to see new things when they shop your store.  Rotate items displayed in the checkout area to give your frequent shoppers new items to shop.


    Since we get asked a lot about what types of  products are good to merchandise in the cash wrap area, we pulled together 5 fixture and product ideas as inspiration for your cash wrap displays. A great fixture option for this area are tiered displays which make it easy for product to be seen from all sides.  And the shelves can also be used to merchandise themed product collections or seasonal items.

    No. 1–We love this Round 5-Tier Metal Shelf from Creative Co-Op.  The round shapes makes it stoppable from all sides.  This is a great fixture to display tubes of Demi Hand Cream and Bar Soap from Illume or personal accessories like these Velvet Pouches from Embellish by Creative Co-Op collection.

    No. 2–This Round Metal Stand w/9 Wire Baskets is one of the most popular items in the Creative Co-Op line.  The baskets are removable allowing you to use any combination when merchandising products.  In addition to Christmas ornaments, this fixture is perfect for holding Fragranced Laundry Detergent and Glass Votive Candles from Flaire. We also like the idea of displaying all of the different Matchboxes available from Illume and Flaire.

    No. 3–Bloomingville has some nice furniture/fixture pieces that would work great as cash wrap displays.  This Metal 4 Tier Shelf w/2 Drawers will make it easy to display gift items like this Set of 8 Stoneware Vases or these Stoneware Karine Mugs, both from Bloomingville.


    N0. 4-Ladders can be used to display hanging items like these Cotton Tea Towels from Creative Co-Op or Tassel Necklace from Embellish.  And during the holidays, ladders can also be used to display ornaments like these Stoneware Ornaments with Words from Bloomingville.

    No. 5--During the holiday gift giving season, the area around the cash wrap can be used to display popular holiday gift items like the Balsam & Cedar Diffuser and boxed Mistletoe Kisses Votive Candle from Illume.  This Metal and Wood 4 Tier Rack on Casters from Creative Co-Op will hold a good amount of inventory and make it easy to move the product around the store and your displays change.

    The cash wrap area is the one place that all of your customers need to pass through to exit your store.  Use the tips outlined above to maximize the sales from this prime real estate spot in your store.


    Until next time…

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