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  • Proven Ways To Ramp Up Your Candle Business During The Holidays

    Posted September 13, 2018 By in Candles With | Comments Off on Proven Ways To Ramp Up Your Candle Business During The Holidays


    Over 35% of candles sales occur during the Christmas/Holiday season.  In fact, candles are one of the top 10 gift items sold during 3rd and 4th quarter.  With stats like that, retailers should look to maximize their candle business during the busy holiday season.

    Here are 4 sales and merchandising  tips you can use to generate more candle sales.

    No. 1:  Impact Presentation–Customers will come into your store looking for gift items so take the time to plan where you’ll merchandise your candles.

    • Place holiday candle collections front and center in the store so customers will see then upon entering.
    • Incorporate candles into lifestyle vignettes providing customers inspiration on how to incorporate candles in decorative containers into their decor.
    • Cross-Merchandise candles around the store by displaying them with products from complimentary categories. One example of cross merchandising would be to display unscented pillar and taper candles with the candleholders they could be used with.  Cross merchandising saves your customers time when shopping and promotes multiple item purchases.

    No. 2:  Engage Customers Through Smell–Providing testers that your customers can smell and even better, burning testers is one of the best ways to encourage candle sales.

    • Display a tester for every candle scent you have for sale and place them under a glass cloche.  A cloche not only creates a beautiful candle presentation and keeps the dust away, they also provide a great way to smell all of the notes in that candle’s fragrance makeup.  The cloche captures a more accurate essence of how the candle will smell when it’s burning.
    **Shop Creative Co-Op for the perfect candle cloche–item # DA3225

    No. 3:  Promote How Giftable Candles Are–Some customers may look at candles as an item to purchase for themselves and not think of it as a great gift item.  Here are some ways to highlight your candle collections…

    • Use in-store signage to tell customers why candles are so giftable (see below).
    • Consider pre-wrapping some candles so they are grab and go.
    • Merchandise candles on gift tables grouped by price point. Many shoppers look for gifts at a certain price point so this will target those shoppers and make it easy for them to select a gift.
    • Create a holiday gift guide for your store and include candles in the line-up.  Read our tips for making your holiday gift guide stand out.

    No. 4:  Develop A Promotional Strategy For Your Candles–Because candles are a top gift item throughout the year and especially during the holidays, developing a promotional strategy can help you maximize your candle sales.

    • Buy More, Save More —This type of promotion entices customers to buy more items in a single transaction, increasing the average dollar amount of each sale.  This can be really effective with candles because customers often buy gifts in multiples during the holidays.
    • Bundle Pricing—Rather than lowering the selling price by offering a discount on a single item, promote bundle pricing where you lower the price or offer a discount on a group of items bought together. Cross promote votive candles with votive holders or candles with diffusers or room sprays.  The goal is to encourage customers to buy multiple items across different product categories to increase sales.

    The JPM Sales team is here to help you with all your holiday and everyday candle orders.

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