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Merchandising Tips

  • Savvy Merchandising Ideas For Small Items

    Posted May 2, 2018 By in Merchandising Tips With | Comments Off on Savvy Merchandising Ideas For Small Items

    It’s easy for small items to get lost in a store.  To help you create the most impactful merchandising statement for the small items you sell, we’ve outline a few savvy merchandising tips.

    It’s a combination of where you merchandise small items along with how the items are displayed plus the signage used to highlight the products that will help you generate big sales from the small stuff.


    Use bins, baskets and containers to corral small items so that have a greater presence on your floor.  Here are four products that are ideal for holding small items.


     Elevate small items so they are more likely to catch your customers attention.  Use tiered pieces, risers and even cake pedestals to create dimension within your vignettes so small accessories stand out.  As you develop your merchandising plans each season, think about the display pieces you’ll need to showcase your product. Here are four versatile pieces that can be used to display jewelry, decorative accessories, candles and more.



    Going vertical with your merchandising is one of the best ways to make an impact with a small item display.  Tiered floor racks or tabletop displays are ideal for creating vertical presentations with products.  Here’s a fixture that can hold a lot of product and make an impact on your sales floor.


    Signage is your secret weapon for showcasing the smaller items within your product assortment.  Unique signage will be a magnet for customers and help to sell your merchandise.  Chalkboard or dry erase signs will make it easy to change your messaging in a flash.  Creative Co-Op has a nice assortment of signs and message boards that will make merchandising easy.  Here are just a few…


    Jewelry can be one of the fastest sell-thru items on your floor so creating displays that don’t require a lot of maintenance but allow customers to interact with the products is key.  Here are a few creative merchandising ideas plus the Creative Co-Op products to create the look in your store.

    Merchandising small items doesn’t have to be challenging if you get creative and find ways to make your customers take notice.


    Until next time…


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