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  • SIX Tips for Spectacular Seasonal Sales

    Posted November 9, 2016 By in - JPM Jingle, Business Tips With | Comments Off on SIX Tips for Spectacular Seasonal Sales


    It’s hard to believe that we’re well into the holiday selling season and with just a few weeks until Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, now is the time to make that extra push to get customers in your door and shopping.

    SIX  Tips For Spectacular Seasonal Sales



    You’ve been working on your holiday marketing plans all year and during the months of November and December there are some simple things you can do to ramp up your exposure.

    1. Ensure that your social media buttons are part of every email and print marketing piece that you send out to make it easy for customers to share information with their friends and followers.
    2. Promote your website content on your social media channels to increase exposure and reinforce your marketing messages.
    3. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousands words” is especially true for retailers. The holiday season is filled with strong imagery that you can incorporate into  marketing materials and make a stronger connection with your customers. Include holiday images in your social media post, as part of your website graphics and even consider adding a holiday touch to your everyday store gift wrap.  Include a consistent element like an ornament motif or a red and white stripe that becomes an identifier for your store and lets people know right away that it’s your brand.



    Good customer service is key during the busy holiday season.  Ensure that your have equipped your staff with the information and skills they need to assist customers, promote sales and solve any issue that may come up.

    1. Teach your staff about the services you offer, the store policies that need to be followed and how to effectively solve customer issues should they arise.
    2. Train your staff on The Art of UpSelling, how to Get Customers to Shop The Entire Store and The 10 Commandments for Great Customer Service.
    3. Trust your staff to do their job, provide the best service possible and to make decisions that close a sale with customers.




    One of your main goals during the holiday season is to maximize the amount of merchandise you sell.  And one essential element to selling more product is to ensure that your inventory is ready and available for customers to shop.

    1. Don’t keep your backstock closed up in boxes, in a back room.  Open up boxes and put inventory on shelves so it can be seen by you and your staff.  Seeing what  you have will help when evaluating reorder needs and when merchandising vignettes need to be restocked.
    2. Organize backstock inventory by category so all sales associates can quickly and easily find items for customers.
    3. Have all backstock items priced and ready to head to the floor without delay.




    Gift Giving season is at its peak during the holidays so make it is easy for your customers to shop for all their gift needs.

    1. Create gift themed vignettes around the store so customers can find items to fulfill their gift list.
    2. Organize gifts by price point and/or categories like hostess gifts, gifts for guys and stocking stuffers.  Use signage as a suggestive selling tools that will draw customers in and remind them of gift purchases they may not have remembered.
    3. Consider pre-wrapping some of your best selling items so customers can make a purchase in a flash.
    4. Promote your gift ideas via your website and on social media.  Read these tips for Making Your Holiday Gift Guide Stand Out.



    As the holiday season gets into full swing, your visual displays will need constant refreshing.

    1. Cross-merchandise your best selling and top seasonal items so customers see these products multiple times throughout the store.  Unconsciously customers will pick up on the fact that these items hold some sort of importance and added value.
    2. Maximize the vertical space within the store.  This is the time of year when you need merchandise products from the floor up and give customers something to look at wherever they turn.
    3. Create dynamic window displays and plan to change out the window several times before Christmas.  Window displays will draw customers in that may not have shopped with you before.
    4. Walk the sales floor to make sure you have the necessary signage to communicate features and benefits of top items as well as the services your store offers like free gift wrap, shipping or holiday decorating services.




    Give your store a festive feel and engage your customers in a variety of ways.

    • Keep the store decorated to visually delight and inspire your customers.  Create displays that show ideas people can use in their own home.
    • Play festive music to enhance the atmosphere and set a holiday tone.
    • Burn candles to help boost candle sales and give the store a holiday smell.
    • Build displays that have depth and dimension and encourage customers to touch and feel.
    • On Saturdays and during store events, serve snacks and treats for your customers to enjoy.  Food will keep customers lingering and shopping longer.


    For all your last minute holiday product needs, contact your local sales representative or JPM Sales at 877-592-3405 or

    Until next time…

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