Creative Co-Op

Creative Co-Op is a global leader in wholesale home accessories, designing and distributing an expansive range of lifestyle products to a broad spectrum of retailers worldwide. The ‘Creative’ part of our name revolves around imagination, design, and collaboration with artists. ‘Co-Op’ speaks to the union of our customers, our suppliers, and our people. The combination results in our unique ability to bring extraordinary products to our valued customers.


Bloomingville brings a fresh new approach to the Creative Co-op family of brands. Started in 2000 in Denmark and known throughout Europe for their containers, tabletop and home decor, Bloomingville has since grown here in the US and expanded to include categories such as lighting, baby and rugs. Keeping the Danish aesthetic they are known for, but blending beautifully with the Creative Co-op collections, Bloomingville offers customers something a little different with sleeker lines, trend-driven color palettes and functionalistic design. Share your style, tell your story, and change your home is the tagline that represents the ever-changing line we love that is Bloomingville.


We live to create. There aren’t a lot of places for designers to work where they can create something and then see it made into a beautiful finished product ready for shipment. That’s what’s unique about us: we manufacture in Minnesota, in the same building we work. Because we live to create, we have in-house calligraphers, illustrators, painters, writers, designers, sourcing geniuses, chemists, mixers and wick straighteners. We take big ideas and inspiration, and then complicate them until they’re messy and unwieldy and just how we like them. And then we start refining. Every day we collaborate, to wrangle our biggest ideas into your favorite new find.