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  • Creative Ideas Using Ornaments

    Posted November 19, 2014 By in - JPM Jingle, Display Ideas, Holiday, Merchandising Tips, Sales Tips With | Comments Off on Creative Ideas Using Ornaments

    Have you ever wondered what to do with those odd holiday ornaments that you find in the store this time of year?  You know, the one or two ornaments that remain in a bowl or on a tree after a great day of business.

    ornament on tree

    Like many other retailers,  you may have looked for ways to help you sell those stray ornaments.

     Look no further! We’ve rounded up THIRTEEN creative and functional ways you can repurpose those ornaments into sellable product and offer your customers unique holiday decor.



    Fill decorative glass containers with an assorted mix of ornaments and sell the entire ‘arrangement’ as a holiday centerpiece.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments1

    No. 2

    Create a unique door wreath by hanging a cluster of ornaments from ribbons tied to a decorative picture frame.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments2

    No. 3  

    Glue an ornament to a small decorative mirror or plate and sell it as a holiday flower vase.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments5

    No. 4

    Attach ornaments to a long piece of wire and use the ornaments in a holiday centerpiece you create in one of the decorate vases or containers you sell.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments7

    No. 5

    Shape a piece of wire into a large circle and then string ornaments onto the wire to create an ornament candle ring.  Pair this with a pillar candle that you sell to make a unique decorative gift item.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments11

    No. 6

    Tie a blank tag onto the string of an ornament and sell it as an ornament placecard.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments15

    No. 7 

    Encourage your customers to decorate their overhead light fixtures with a custom hanging ornament chandelier.  Use long lengths of ribbon to hang the ornaments from so customers can adjust the length to fit their needs.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments18

    No. 8

    Include wrapped gifts into your product vignettes and show customers how easy it is to use single ornaments to embellish gift wrap.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments16

    No. 9

    Take a grouping of individual ornaments and hot glue them around a wreath form to create a beautiful custom holiday wreath.  Or  use a plain greenery wreath as the base and attach ornaments around the wreath.

    Your customers will love finding a one-of-a-kind piece in your store.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments17


    No. 10

    You can also string a grouping of ornaments onto wire to make an ornament garland or simplfy the look by using a greenery garland as a base and adding ornaments here and there.  When stray ornaments are combined in this way it looks intentional, especially if they are all a similar styel or color palette.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments20


    No. 11

    Customize a few decorative bottles that you have on hand with ornament toppers.  The addition of the ornament takes the glass bottle for plain and simple to stylish and pretty.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments21

    No. 12

    Stray ornaments can easily be turned into candleholders just by gluing the ornament to a decorative plate and adding a slim taper candle that fits into the opening.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments10

    No. 13

    And finally, use ornaments as a vase filler when creating holiday flower arrangements for your store.

    Creative Ways to Use Ornaments13

    And… here are a few more ideas to spark your creativity…

    Create holiday cloche arrangements using ornaments.

    ornament display

    Embellish simple Christmas stockings with ornaments.

    Ornaments on Stocking

    Create ornament tassels that can be added to just about anything including garland and wreaths.

    Ornament Garland

    If you don’t have time to make some of these projects yourself, post photos of these ideas next to a basket of stray ornaments you have for sale and let your customers create the looks for themselves at home.

    During the busiest time of the year, take every opportunity to make the most of the products you own!

    Happy Holidays!

    Until next time…

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