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Merchandising Tips

  • Creative Ways To Merchandise (and sell) Trays

    Posted February 26, 2019 By in Merchandising Tips, Uncategorized With | Comments Off on Creative Ways To Merchandise (and sell) Trays

    Our goal at JPM Sales is to help our customers maximize and grow their retail business.  One of the ways we look to do that is by sharing helpful sales and business tips as well as creative merchandising ideas that will inspire you and entice your customers to shop.   Today we are starting a new series here on the  blog called Creative Ways To which is designed to give you fresh new ideas.

    Each installment in the series will highlight some of the best selling items from Creative Co-Op and give you tips to help you generate more business. We’re launching the series today with Creative Ways to Merchandise Trays.


    Trays are one of the top selling product categories within the Creative Co-Op line.  They can be used in so many ways and provide both a functional and decorative solution to customers.   While many people think of trays as simply a vessel to hold items, we’ve got even more creative ways trays can be used.  Share these ideas with your customers and get them thinking about trays in a whole new way. 

    Three Creative Merchandising Ideas:

    #1  Prop trays at the back of a bookshelf or on a table surface to show customers how they can be used as a decorative piece.

    image source

    image source

    #2 Hang decorative trays on the wall and use them as wall decor.

    image source

    #3  Use trays as part of decorative tabletop vignette to show just how versatile they can be.


    Share These Ideas With Your Customers: Creative Ways To Use Trays

    We hope you found these ideas and tips helpful.  We’ll be bringing you more Creative Ways throughout the year.  If there is a specific product category or merchandising challenge you want us to focus on, just leave us a comment.

    Until next time…

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