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Merchandising Tips

  • Creative Ways To Merchandise The Metal & Wood Table From Bloomingville

    Posted April 23, 2019 By in Merchandising Tips With | Comments Off on Creative Ways To Merchandise The Metal & Wood Table From Bloomingville

    If there’s one feature that all good display fixtures have in common, it’s versatility.  Retailers look for display fixtures that can be used in multiple ways, used year-round and that can be moved around the store with ease.

    The Metal & Wood Table (item# AH0521) from Bloomingville checks all the boxes as an amazing merchandising fixture.

    The Metal & Wood Table was introduced during the Atlanta market and has quickly become a customer favorite. Here are a few reasons why home decor, gift and apparel retailers are buying this piece…

    • It’s a large, statement piece that can hold a large amount of product.
    • Product can be viewed and shopped from all sides of the fixture.
    • Locking casters allow the fixture to be moved to different locations within the store  as needed.
    • The height of the table allows stores to maximize their vertical display space and square footage.
    • The table can be used to hold a variety of products–large and small.

    Now that you know why this table is so popular, here are some merchandising ideas and different types of products that can be displayed on it.


    The large table surface is ideal for displaying a variety of decorative accessories, textiles or seasonal decor. Pull items together that create a lifestyle vignette and build a theme.  Use risers and pedestals to elevate items at different levels or hang lightweight lanterns from the top bar to make the display even more interesting.

      We love the idea of using this table to display stacks of dinnerware and serving pieces in an eclectic arrangement. Using S-hooks, hang dishtowels and kitchen linens from the top bar to draw the eye up and reinforce the product message.

    The table would also make a great display surface for lighting.  Table lamps can be merchandised on the shelf with lightweight chandeliers and pendants suspended from the top.


    Gift stores will find all kinds of creative ways this table can be merchandised throughout the year.  During the spring and summer months, the table can hold seasonal decor and entertaining items.  During  fall and winter it can be used to display Thanksgiving and Christmas decor.

    creative tip:  several stores had the idea of placing wood planks at the base of the table (suspended between the side bars) and using that area to hold larger Christmas decor like wreaths and garland. 

    The Metal & Wood Table is also a great fixture for apparel stores with endless merchandising possibilities.


    Creative merchandising is one of the most important things you can do to set your store apart from the competition.  Unique fixtures like this Metal & Wood Table from Bloomingville will help you do just that.

    Until next time..

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