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  • ELEVEN Facebook Marketing Tips

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    image via JPM Sales

    It’s been a while since we’ve shared tips for marketing your business on Facebook so today we’re highlighting ELEVEN new tips to help you win at Facebook marketing.  Even with new social media platforms like SnapChat and Periscope gaining in popularity, Facebook continues to be one of the valuable business tools you can use for marketing and growing your business.



    image via Coaching By Subject Experts
    • Create A Facebook Reveal Page.  Create a Facebook reveal page that provides access to exclusive content but only when you ‘like’ the page. This exclusivity can make your followers and customers feel like they are part of the ‘club’ and solidify their loyalty to your business.
    • Use Questions And Photos To Engage Your Followers.  Because of lack of time, you often see FB post that just contain a photo and maybe a link to more content or a website.  One of the most effective ways to build your FB audience is by asking your followers a question in conjunction with a photo.  Try posting two decor items and ask customers to respond with which item is their favorite or suggest a decorating idea using the item.  Question engage and inform your customers which is a great way reinforce your brand value in their minds. Also know that Facebook assigns more weight to comments then likes in the Newsfeed algorithm so find ways to get your customer to connect and comment.


    image via Reach Modo
    • Include A Pet Photo Where It Makes Sense.  Pets are always captivating and are a real draw on FB.  If you sell pet products, feature a dog or cat with the some items or ask customers to share a photo of their pet on National Pet Day which is Feb. 20th each year.
    • Showcase Your Products So Customers Can Relate To Them.  This is especially key for apparel and fashion stores.  Customers love to see clothing on a real person so have your sale associates model the clothing and accessories you sell and then post photos on FB.  For home decor stores, share a detailed product photo along with a lifestyle vignette that includes that product.  Product details will help sell the value of the item but a lifestyle vignette will make an emotional connection which increases the chance of a sale.
    • Vary Your Product Content. Diversity is key in social media, so it’s never a good idea to post only one type of status update. When sharing updates remember to mix it up and always strive for new ways to engage your audience.  Some ideas for content are video, behind-the-scenes photos and customer testimonials.
    • Enable Social Sharing. Social share buttons should be featured throughout your store or e-commerce website. Share and Like buttons allow customers to engage and share your content with friends. Once a customer likes your page, he/she will regularly receive your company’s status updates in their newsfeed and are more likely they are to share your content with their followers. Shares are huge in terms of exposure and Facebook assigns the most weight to shares.


    image via Cement Marketing
    • Join Facebook Groups In Your Categories Of Interest.  FB groups are a great way to build your audience giving you have the opportunity to reach more people that have an interest in your products and or your type of business.  Share your blog post and FB content on group sites to help drive traffic to your Fan page and generate more likes.
    • Capture Emails For Your Email Marketing Database On Your Facebook Page. Some people may think that email is old fashioned way of marketing but email marketing works. Make it easy for people to subscribe on your FB page to your email and newsletter list so they will receive store news, updates and your blog posts.


    image via Locker Dome
    • Update Your Facebook ‘Page’ With Your Blog Posts.   This goes back to sharing a variety of content.  As soon as you a blog post goes live, make sure to post it on your FB page to help boost the ranking of your content on the web.  Higher rankings expose your content to more people and more people mean more opportunities of sales.
    • Post Photos Of In-Store Events.    People love looking at photos so uploaded store event photos to Facebook.  Photos will help to humanize and personalize your brand and this will drive a deeper engagement with your prospects and customers.  Make sure to let you customers know you’ll be posting their photos to respect any privacy concerns and to let encourage them to share the photos.
    • Offer A Discount For New Likes.  Set up a reveal tab on your landing page that provides access to a coupon that can be printed off or even emailed to  prospective customers once they like your page.  Here’s a great video that will walk you through the sets of setting up a reveal tab.


    image via Marketing Land

    Getting your customers to LIKE your business can happen in different ways and Facebook is just one of them.

    Leave us a comment with a link to your FB page because we would love to follow you.


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    until next time…

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