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  • FIVE Tips for Retail Success

    Posted February 9, 2016 By in - JPM Jingle, Business Tips With | Comments Off on FIVE Tips for Retail Success

    When it comes to your business, success is not an accident.  Success comes from developing strategies that make the most of the products, services and marketing efforts that define your brand.  It’s about attracting and retaining customers and turning every shopping prospect into a sale.

    Here are 5 tips to help you build upon your retail success.

    Retail Success.001

    • TRY NEW THINGS:  Like most retailers, you probably bring new items into your store each season to sit along side your proven best-sellers.  Having core items that you can count on to drive business on a daily basis is great but having a flow of new items is also what will help maximize the success of your store. Customers want and expect to see changes in your product offering, so be open to offering new and different items so that you will attract new customers while giving your established customers even more reason to shop with you.


    Store Merchandsing3

    •  CHANGE THINGS UP AND MOVE THINGS AROUND:  To keep your store and your product mix looking fresh, you need to change your visual displays on a regular basis and move products around the sales floor.  If you recognize items that are selling slower than desired, move them to a new location in the store and create a new displays that will highlight them in a new way.  You’ll be amazed at how many customers will respond to an item that has been in your store for a while just because they have a different way to look at it.

    Store Display2

    • MERCHANDISE TO MOTIVATE:  The goal of every merchandising display should be to motivate your customers to buy.  Create lifestyle vignettes that show customers how items could be used in their home and mix products from different product categories so your displays appeal to various aspects of a person’s lifestyle.  Mixing products also gives you the opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and set your store apart from others.

    Store Merchandising

    • DELIVER STELLAR SERVICE:  Great service goes beyond a warm welcome and a heartfelt thank you and should involve every aspect of how your customer interacts with your store.  Offer a personal shopping service to help customers that need ideas, provide gift wrapping for purchases, make it part of your service to carry bags to a customer’s car and create a customer friendly return policy .  Your goal is to always put the customer first and to have them leave feeling happy and valued.


    • MASTER MARKETING:  The basics of marketing is gaining awareness for your store–what the store is about and what you have to offer.  Beyond the basics, marketing is about expanding your customer base, gaining new customers, developing loyal customers and generating sales.  Develop a three-prong approach to marketing that includes brand messages (who you are and what you offer), promotional offers (incentives to shop) and event marketing (building relationships with customers with in-store events).  Deliver a variety of marketing messages to your customers throughout the year so your brand stays relevant and in front of your customer base.



    Success is just as much about what you do, as it is about how you do it~

    Until next time…

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