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Trench Watch

  • Trend Watch: Fall 2018

    Posted August 16, 2018 By in Trench Watch With | Comments Off on Trend Watch: Fall 2018

    Fall is fast approaching and that means a new season of design, style and color trends to share with you.

    In 2017, the dominant fall trends were bohemian and eclectic designs with rustic finishes and embellished textiles.  And the trending colors were a mix of jewel-tones and muted pastels.

     In fall 2018 bohemian and eclectic designs continue along with a few new trends like woven textures, plush fabrics and white-washed finishes.  Fall 2018 is all about global influences, handcrafted details, carved wood and organic materials.  These elements will be found in every product category from wall decor and furniture, to decorative accessories and fashion jewelry. This is also the season when you’ll see more animal prints including colorful versions that have a modern feel.

    The trend:  Woven Materials…Bleached Wood…Artisan Crafts


    The trend:  Texture Is King…Rattan, Bamboo & Leather…Menswear Inspired Glen-plaids

    The trend:  Traditional Animal Prints and more colorful designs


    Muted colors were popular durning spring and summer but you’ll see a different focus on color for fall.   Fall is all about color!  Look for the more traditional fall tones paired with pops of color to create a vibrant statement both in decor and fashion. And there’s a new focus on neutrals like navy, grey, tan and green.

    Fall Colors

    via pantone


    It wouldn’t be fall without rich autumn colors like orange, amber and green.  This year these classic colors have been refreshed to have more depth and richness. Colors with names like  Autumn Maple, Martini Olive and Almond Buff will be some of the top colors.  You’ll see these rich autumn colors used in upholstery fabrics and textiles along with knitwear, outwear, and fashion accessories.  The Bloomingville product collection has  a great selection of  ceramics and glassware in all of the rich autumn colors, perfect for the fall season (and beyond).


    On the opposite side of the color wheel, brilliant blue and purple will have even more dominance for fall 2018.  From royal blue to deep navy, and soft lavender to eggplant, different shades of blue and purple will give fall a fresh feel.  Look for these colors in plush materials like velvet and cashmere and in apparel fabrics like tweed and wool. And if you thought the blue and white pottery trend was fading, it’s not.  It’s predicted that this style statement will be around for years to come.   You’ll find a great selection of items that speak to these color and design trends from Creative Co-Op and Bloomingville.

    The trend:  Royal Blue…Blue & White Ceramics…Plush Fabrics


    The trend: Soft Lavender to Deep Purple…Floral Patterns…Refined Elegance

    The last fall color trend that will be making an impact in the home decor industry is neutrals.  Neutrals have always been used in the decor industry but these non-color colors really became hot again with the popularity of Fixer Upper and the farmhouse design trend. Fall will be all about neutrals with weathered finishes and aged textures.  And you’ll even see polished metals in neutral colors like gunmetal, muted cooper and aged brass.  Creative Co-Op has a great selection of neutral colored furniture, decor and textiles including many in the Collected Notions product line.

    When you look at what’s trending for fall 2018, its nice to see classic design elements and traditional colors alongside artisan design and vibrant colors.


    Now is the perfect time to revisit your fall product assortment to make sure you’ll have the hottest design and color trends on your floor for fall.  For any additional product needs, shop the Creative Co-Op and Bloomingville catalogs by clicking the link below.

    Shop the Creative Co-Op catalog here!


    Shop the Bloomingville catalog here!

    Until next time…

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