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Design Trends


    Posted July 5, 2019 By in Design Trends With | Comments Off on TREND WATCH: FALL/WINTER 2019

    Even though summer has just begun, we know that you are already looking forward to fall and winter. In anticipation of the upcoming season, we’re sharing the style and color trends that will be driving the home decor and gift industry in 3rd and 4th quarter 2019.

    The color palette for fall and winter 2019 can be summed up as rich, robust and saturated. Soft colors like blush, dusty pink and bronze will continue to be popular but the ‘hot’ colors of the season are rich jewel tones like hunter green and dark teal, and warm neutrals like deep beige and chocolate brown.

    For fall and winter 2019, bohemian decor continues to be popular but with a twist. Bohemian is now being mixed with modern decor to create a more refined yet causal design statement. Plush fabrics like velvet and fur continue to be dominant materials in decor and fashion, and details like embroidery, tassel trims and fringe will still be evident on decor across all product categories.

    Eclectic is defined as “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”. For fall/winter 2019, eclectic design is much more than a random group of items but an intentional mix of treasured pieces that help to infuse personality into a home and define the way a person lives. It’s about the things a person loves and the story it tells about who they are.

    Green is the new black. Design elements like wood, stone and plant life will be a strong design statement throughout the second half of the year and well into 2020. Plants (real or faux) have become an essential design element and items made-by-hand are being sought after to add that one-of-a kind appeal to a rooms decor.

    Floral motifs show up everywhere from fashion and jewelry, to decor and textiles. For fall and winter 2019, floral patterns will have its greatest impact in wallpaper. Patterns will range from big and bold to small and subtle and include traditional motifs and vintage designs.

    The mixed metal trend is one that we love. No longer is a single finish being used in a room, it’s all about the mix. Furniture with brass details will be paired with silver lighting, and copper accessories will be mixed with bronze elements. Mixing finishes will be used to add luster and depth within a room setting.

    Once thought of as just a modern design element, acrylic furniture and accessories have become mainstream. People are mixing acrylic pieces with more traditional elements to add personality and style within a room. You’ll see more acrylic accessories, lighting and furniture making an impact throughout fall/winter 2019.

    One of the ways people are making a unique statement with their decor is by infusing handmade pieces into their design mix. Hand-made decor is unique and feels special. Offering handmade pieces as part of your store’s product mix is a great way to set your store apart from others and offer your customers pieces they won’t find everywhere.

    When it comes to attention-getting furniture, curves are in. Curved furniture is making a comeback for the second half of 2019 and being represented in both modern and traditional designs. Coffee tables and sofas with curving silhouettes offer a visually striking contrast to the straight edges of traditional sofas and accent tables.

    Fall and Winter 2019 looks like it’s going to be a great season!

    As you shop the upcoming Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market keep your eyes open for these fall and winter trends. Now is the perfect time to plan your product assortment to make sure you’ll have the hottest design and color trends on your floor so you can maximize your 3rd and 4th quarter business.

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