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  • What Customers Want During The Holiday Season

    Posted November 5, 2014 By in - JPM Jingle, Customer Service, Display Ideas, Merchandising Tips With | Comments Off on What Customers Want During The Holiday Season

      During the holiday season your to-do list can get overwhelming but the one thing that should always remain at the top of the list is providing the best customer service possible and maximizing every sales opportunity you get.

    In today’s JPM Jingle post, we’re talking about a few things that you and your staff can do to create the best holiday shopping experience for your customers.  Great product plus a good shopping experience can result in more sales for your business.



    Festive Store Atmosphere

     It’s no secret that during the holiday season there’s a feeling of joy and happiness in the air and that feeling of festivity should be evident in your store.  Customers want to shop stores that make them feel good and promote a sense of happiness. You can help ensure your store provides this feeling by creating visual displays and product vignettes that tap in all the senses.

    1.  Create holiday vignettes that are visually dynamic and will inspire decorating ideas for your customers.

    2.  Play holiday music and burn scented holiday candles to help create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

    3.  Build displays that will draw customers in and make them want to touch and feel the products.  (once a customer touches a product the chance of them purchasing goes up by 50%).


    4.  And don’t forget your  store windows.  During the holiday season your store windows may need to be changed more frequently.  Every window display you create should showcase products and inspire customers to walk through the door.



    5.  Nothing can be more frustrating when shopping during the holidays than empty shelves or having to constantly ask a salesperson to get an item for you.  Make it part of the store routine to re-stock the shelves each morning and afternoon.  Ensuring the shelves are stocked will reduce the chance of you losing a sale when a customer can’t find what they are looking for.

    Stocked Shelves



    Sales clerk

    Did you know that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated?  Good customer service is always important but during the holidays customer service takes on even greater importance.  At your next store meeting share these simple tips for providing great customer service:

    6.  Greet each and every customer as they enter the store and if you know the customer’s name, greet them by name.  If you don’t know a customers’ name, find something to compliment them on like what they are wearing or their personal style, as a way to connect with them.

    7. Treat every customer like they are the most valued customer.  Long-time customers always love to feel special and you can turn first-time customers into long-time customers with the same experience.

    8. Let your customers know how much you value their business by always offering a sincere Thank You or telling them “we appreciate you shopping with us”.   You will gain a loyal following when you let your customers know their business means something to you and the community.



    Store Hours sign

    Just like you customers, you will be doing your own shopping and planning for holiday events.  Take a moment to think about the stores where you shop and what makes the shopping experience easier and more more enjoyable for you.  Adopt some of those same things into your business.

    9.  Offer extended store hours throughout the holiday season or on the weekends leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your customers will love that you’re giving them more shopping opportunities to get their shopping done, helping them to combat the 24-7 of online shopping.

    10.  Offer a special order service for the core items you carry in case a customer wants to buy a large quantity or you are low in inventory.

    Spec order

    11.  Provide gift wrapping for holiday gifts AND make the wrapping special so that it stands out in the customers’ mind and reflects your brand image.  Custom gift wrapping is a great way to differentiate your store from the competition and is a service that many online shops don’t offer.  Even plain white wrapping paper can feel special with the addition of ribbon and a gift tag.

    Christmas gift wrap



    Gift guide



    12. A simple and easy way to help your customers shop is by creating a gift guide  (example above) that can be handed out in store.  Include gift suggestions by recipient (for day, for mom, teacher gifts), by price or even create a list of Favorite Things (ala Oprah)! Get your staff involved in creating the gift list, having them make a list of their 3 favorite items in each category.  This is also a great way for part-time sales staff to take note of what’s new and what’s in the store they may have missed and customers will love having their own Santa’s helper!

    Christmas Countdown

    The holiday countdown has begun and every extra touch you put in place to enhance your customers’ shopping experience will help you make the most of the shopping season.

    Until next time…

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